Check Out Instructions



1. Check out is promptly at 9:00 AM so that we can clean and prepare for the next guest to arrive, If you would like to check out late, there will be a $25.00 charge, and you would need prior approval to check out late.

2. Please strip all used beds (please LEAVE ALL THE mattress pads, comforters, and pillows ON the beds).  They are sanitized completely by the cleaning crew. 

3. If there is anything that is extremely wet, DO NOT place them on top of comforters/quilts, or other dry dirty laundry. 

4. YOU MUST clean out the fridge and remove all items that you have brought. You are welcome to leave non-perishable items if you like for future guests in the pantry.

5. ALL TRASH MUST be disposed of the large trash cans under the house, the cans should be moved to the street when departing.  If there is more trash than the cans can hold, please take the additional trash with you, and dispose it elsewhere. 

6. Please ensure that the dishes are washed, and the dishwasher is filled, and running prior to checkout, the caretakers will put them away when they clean the house. Also, if you use other appliances, like the Outside Grill, Crock Pot or like items, please clean them, do not leave them dirty.  DO NOT PUT DIRTY, DISHES, PANS, PLATES OR ANY OTHER DIRTY ITEMS IN CABINETS OR DRAWERS.   This is not only unsanitary, but also causes extra work for the cleaners, and horrible experience for future guests that discover this, gross!

7. Please start a large load of towels and wash clothes for the cleaning crew. This will help in expediting the cleaning process, as towels do take an exceptionally long time to dry usually.

8.  We ask that you are gentle with our home, furnishings, and surroundings. Please pick up after yourselves in each room, including the kitchen. 

Part of the deposit (Management Fee) may be used to replace items that are broken during your stay, including, but not limited to lamps, blinds, furniture, appliances, bedding, floors, towels, equipment, and accessories. Part of the deposit (Management Fee) may also be kept if there is excessive trash, bottles, dishes left dirty in the sink, furniture and furnishing moved or scattered or repositioned (someone must move them all back where they belong, and wash the dishes), dirt, grime, animal waste, cigarette butts, and any other negligent acts that cause the caretaker to take more than the 2-3 hours of cleaning time normally allotted.  If additional cleaning is required, the additional funds to pay the cleaners will be taken out of your deposit (Management Fee).

Rental Agreement